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Download small tile satellite images from Google maps
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Google Satellite Maps Downloader works with the Google Maps service and it downloads one specific type of maps: satellite maps. If you are a Google Maps user, you probably know how many different types of maps there are. released one app for each type, and this one deals with the most beautiful type of maps.

Using the application is relatively easy, if you don't mind doing some research beforehand. Instead of simply allowing you to use your mouse and select an area on a map, Google Satellite Maps Downloader, just like all the other downloaders by AllAllSoft, asks you to input the latitude and longitude of the area you want to capture. You also have to tell it what zoom level to use and this is all a matter of trial and error, until you figure out exactly what each zoom level shows and you get your area right.

There is a map viewer that allows you to view the maps that you download, and you can export those maps to other image files for offline use. There is support for proxy servers and multiple threads, to speed up downloads.

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  • Not intuitive when it comes to area selection
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